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Become a hunger saviour! Become an Instant Trolleys rider and earn more as you bring joy to more customers along your usual routes, without incurring any extra cost.


Reach more customers within your area

We’ll get more people in your area to notice, connect and patronise you. You can rely on our riders for professionalism and on our comprehensive dashboard for an eagle-eye view of all transactions and the access you require.

We’ve got all the Food and Groceries you need

Whatever your food and groceries needs, we’ve got you covered! Shop from vendors who provide various options, from which you can choose using diverse filters that help you make the best choice.


Kindly click on the “Register as a Vendor” icon on our website and provide all the required details.

To become an Instant Trolleys vendor, we require your CAC Certificate or Sworn Affidavit and your business’ representative’s ID (International Passport, Driver’s Licence and National Identification are acceptable)

Registration on our website is usually completed within 10 minutes.

As an organisation, we ensure we settle all invoices within 24 hours after they are raised.

1. The customer places an order on the Instant Trolleys app. 2. You receive the order on an Incoming Order Terminal (which we provide). 3. Your store accepts the order, confirming pick-up time. 4. Pick-up happens and the customer received the order.

We recommend that registration is organised by the head office from where arrangement would be made to incorporate all appropriate branches. For more information, you may please use the “contact us” menu on our website.

You do not have to make any payment to become an Instant Trolleys vendor. Registration is free.

We charge a commission rate as the cost of placing vendors on our platform.

Kindly contact us via supportinfo@instanttrolleys.com for any payment issue you might have.

Yes, we do. The commission-free trial period lasts for a month. Subsequent months would attract a charge.

Vendors enjoy a commission-free from their first day of trading, ie, the first time a vendor gets an order.

After the period when the vendor is not charged any commission for a month, the vendor would commence paying a commission charge for transactions.

Kindly click on the “Ride for us” icon on our website and provide all the required details.

To become an Instant Trolleys rider, you would provide ownership title/change of ownership documents, guarantor’s letter, proof of address (electricity bill) and an identification card.

You can start working as a rider as soon as your registration is approved. This approval is confirmed by an email officially welcoming you on board.

Payments to riders are settled within 2 weeks after every trip.

You can resolve any issue you have by sending a mail to supportinfo@instanttrolley.com

1. Rider receives delivery request from vendor. 2. Upon acceptance of delivery request, rider proceeds to follow the information about pickup and delivery

You can download the Instant Trolleys app from the Google play store or the Apple app store. Simple search with “Instant Trolleys”. You can also follow the “Get the App” link on our website.

You can report and resolve any issue you have by sending a mail to us at supportinfo@instanttrolley.com

To request a refund, kindly send us an email to us at supportinfo@instanttrolley.com

Your promo code is to be used during a purchase. Simply type out the code in the appropriately labelled column during purchase.

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