About us

We are on a mission to make food, groceries and other similar necessities available at the fingertips of everyone that needs them in Africa. We will do this while we inspire innovation across the world.

Our Story

The vision for Instant Trolleys was birthed as far back as the year 2002 when our founders were service providers in one of Nigeria’s most popular food chain brands. Although the vision materialised about 2 decades later, the quest has remained to drastically improve customers’ shopping experience, providing their most important food and food-related items available almost as soon as they express their need. Although it tarried, that simple vision then is materializing and has first been delivered in Lagos, the economic nerve centre of Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country.

Our Frontrunners

Leading a resourceful, committed and forward-thinking workforce, our frontrunners have extensive experience in multiple fields of human endeavour and are firmly committed to transforming the shopping experiences of individuals across Africa. Steeped in the possibilities actualised by tech, at Instant Trolleys, we desire a world where shopping is not a thing to worry about.

Leaders of instant trolleys

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